Stargaze Villas - Lyra, Orion, Phoenix, Kyani October Offer

Our Villas

Stargaze Villas are completely autonomous and private, each one with its own pool and spacious outdoor space. Villa Lyra can accommodate 6 to 8 guests, Villa Orion 4 to 6, Villa Phoenix 4 to 5 and Villa Kyani 4 to 6. In case you need accommodation for more than 8 guests, there is the possibility to combine 2 or 3 of our villas. Please, contact us to check for availability.

Stargaze Villas main complex (Phoenix, Orion, Lyra) combine natural building materials in harmony, drawing elements from the popular traditional architecture of Skopelos. The guest observes the local stone, the chestnut wood and the delicately worked iron as a continuation of the environment. The white marble in combination with the Pelion plate of Byzantine type, emphasizes the sense of luxury. The same logic is followed inside the buildings, where the natural coatings (Kourasani) are harmoniously combined with the visible points of the traditional wooden roof. The choice of off-white and soft colors create the right conditions for calm and relaxation.

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